Attention Agricultural Workers: Applications for Canada’s Agri-Food Program 2024 is now open

Seize Opportunities Now: Apply for Canada’s Agri-Food Program as Applications Open on January 1, 2024 – Calling All Agricultural Workers!

Are you an experienced farm worker aspiring to build a new life in Canada? The Canada Agri-Food Pilot program is your pathway to permanent residency, designed to address labor shortages in key Canadian agricultural industries.

Why Choose the Canada Agri-Food Pilot Program?

This exclusive initiative provides a streamlined pathway to obtaining permanent residency for adept professionals in targeted agricultural domains. The program is specifically designed for individuals who can demonstrate a minimum of one year of accumulated, non-seasonal, full-time experience in a qualifying agri-food occupation. Meeting the eligibility criteria entails holding a valid job offer within the designated industries and possessing a Canadian high school diploma or its equivalent.

Exploring Eligible Industries and Occupations:

The Canada Agri-Food Pilot Program welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, focusing on key sectors crucial to the nation’s agricultural landscape. These sectors include meat product manufacturing (NAICS 3116), greenhouse, nursery, and floriculture production (NAICS 1114), as well as animal production (NAICS 1121, 1122, 1123, 1124, and 1129). A range of occupations within these industries, such as butchers, meat cutters, agricultural service contractors, and more, fall under the eligibility umbrella.

By participating in the Canada Agri-Food Pilot Program, you not only open doors to permanent residency but also position yourself for success in occupations vital to the growth of the Canadian agricultural sector. This unique opportunity aligns with your expertise and aspirations, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling career path in the thriving Canadian agri-food industry.

Join Ferme Marche-EB:

Don’t miss the chance to apply! Join us at Ferme Marche-EB and take the first step towards securing your future in Canada. Our team is ready to guide you through the application process for the Canada Agri-Food Pilot Program.

Apply now and turn your agricultural expertise into a rewarding Canadian journey!”

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